Collaborate, Innovate, Transform, Inspire

Founded in 2012, Travis Van Liere Studio is a progressive landscape architecture and urban design practice committed to the creation of innovative and transformative landscapes. Our work includes diverse projects of various scales and award winning designs for excellence and sustainability. We are dedicated to the design and construction of projects, which engage their context and community and are influenced by people and place. The success of our practice is due to our clear design vision and dedication to all our clients.

Our practice celebrates a collaborative approach focused on developing partnerships between clients, designers and other allied professionals that integrate all aspects of our designs. Equally important to the collaborative approach is the direct involvement of the client in the creative process, and the recognition of the economic, social and cultural forces as strong determinants of design form. 

Our work is based on the belief that architecture and landscape architecture create a dynamic intersection. It is this intersection that inspires us to be at the forefront of design and what guides us so that our work continues to have a fundamental role in shaping how we experience the world. We strive to provide unique design solutions for all our projects that will endure and stand the test of time.


We create innovative and transformative landscape architecture through the integration of landscape, art, architecture and ecology that is ingrained in context, clarity, craft and collaboration. 

Our designs focus on the relationships between design intent, materiality and sustainability, bringing extensive innovation, detail craft, and methodology to diverse projects of various types and scales.

Our goal is to promote landscape architecture as a leader in our profession by creating designs that are functional, engaging and environmentally sustainable. We are a practice dedicated to design innovation, research and refinement. The landscapes we create are simple, distinct and beautiful. 

We are committed to a culture of collaboration between clients and design disciplines, and the long-term environmental stewardship of our landscapes.


Travis Van Liere